Narrative of the story of Palosanto

Palosanto furniture production group with more than 40 personnel with a history of activity since 2008 has always put the production of the latest products with the best possible quality on its agenda.
All Palosanto products are made from the highest quality imported beech wood.
We pay special attention to details and with creativity and innovation we try to double the beauty of the work in addition to paying attention to details.
One of the most obvious characteristics of Palosanto is the use of the latest and most beautiful furniture fabrics in the market. ….

Palosanto Classic Furniture

Eye-catching and different models of classical and neoclassical sofas, the handiwork of Palosanto men.
Neoclassic furniture Berno model

Berno model

Make buying furniture the best purchase of your life

Pichak model

The most unique choice you can have.

Arshia model

Comfortable like sofa but is classic furniture

Chakavak model

You imagine we make

مبل مدرن، مدل شروین تولیدی مبلمان پالو سانتو

Shervin model

Sherwin is a good host for your guests

Karman model

charming lovely

Venus model

Venus model for those who are looking for a special and impressive sofa

Annil model

Sit down, get rid of your tiredness!

مبل نئو کلاسیک مدل لوتوس تولیدی مبلمان پالو سانتو

Lotus model

I have never seen such a good and beautiful sofa

Palosanto Classic Furniture

Palosanto Group’s effort has been to produce the latest products with the best possible quality.

Rest assured about the quality of the sofas

You can rest assured about the quality and material of the wood, fabric, cloud, paint, upholstery of Palosanto sofas, this is an unconditional guarantee of quality.

You can buy in installments!

In terms of installments, you can buy the desired sofa by paying only 50% and pay the rest in installments, without interest or fees.

Any city you are in, we will send it to you.

Which city are you? UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain …. Wherever you are in the world, we will send the sofas to your door at the best price.

sofa will be packed professionally, cleanly

Are you worried that your sofa will be scratched or the fabric of the sofa will be dirty during shipping? Don’t worry, we are fully aware of your shipping concerns.

Congratulations to young couples

Every bride and young couple wants to buy the best, most stylish and special furniture set, and we have great conditions in mind for you.

Latest news and announcements

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The 31st international exhibition of home furniture

Tehran furniture exhibition 2022

We are proud to host you at the 31st International Home Furniture Exhibition at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions (HOMEX 2022) at the Palosanto Collection booth. Date: 2022,…

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Your opinion about the Palosanto brand

When your views and opinions reach our hands, when we see your satisfaction in the form of posts and stories, when colleagues share their opinions and ideas about the Palosanto brand, we are all happy at Palosanto. goes out, we get a double motivation to provide more stylish, higher quality, more beautiful, more attractive furniture that you will enjoy buying and using.
We do our best to always have this positive energy from you.